Ballroom Moves

Live Stream Lessons - Dancing in Isolation

  • Friday's at 7pm  -  Line Dancing  
  • Learn a line dance and enjoy a half hour of line dancing practice to music
  • Sunday's at 3pm  -  Ballroom Dancing 
  • Dancing workshop which can be Ballroom, Latin, New Vogue or Sequence dances.          Learn a dance, some new groups, or discuss techniques

Ballroom Moves on YouTube

Ballroom and Latin

Social Dance Specialists

Ross & Sue have been teaching for over 30 years with dance degrees in Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue.

They are the creators of the Argentine Stroll and many other popular Ballroom Sequence dances & Latin Line dances.

Dance Classes

Stirling & Melville

We prepare you for the social dance scene with all the popular New Vogue and Sequence dances, and enhance your freestyle Ballroom & Latin (not designed for beginners).

If you have covered the basics in Ballroom dancing and are looking to know more moves and join in on a wider range of dances, our classes will suit you.

Social Classes

Stirling, Melville & Rockingham

Come with a partner or come along on your own, we host regular social dances with fantastic music and complimentary tea & coffee.

We include Ballroom, Latin, New Vogue, Sequence and some line dances in our programme.